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To provide a reliable fencing system is the common ground of all fencing companies. Fence Company Hempstead is established to help every household maximizing their outdoor spaces by making it more habitable. It’s all about being comfortable within your property without the eyes of the neighbor on you. We ensure that the services we provide will define and improve our identity. Allow us to increase the security measures within your home without compromising the costs and quality.

Fence installation sure is an important way on how to make the most out of your outdoor space without losing failing to accentuate the design. When it comes to increasing the privacy and security of a property, one of the best ways to do so is through installing fences. Whether it is for a house, grow area, or even farm, having fences set up by the local fence company marks the vicinity of the property. There are numerous factors why a household should consider having fences installed. Considering the various types, materials, heights, design, and quality of fences, there sure is a lot to know about them.

There may be a lot of questions in mind as to why every household needs a fence. What’s in it for you, if you may ask. Well, there are four fundamental reasons as to why every property needs a fence. This includes additional privacy and security of the property, improving the safety of the household, practical when it comes to selling properties, sensible decoration, and marking of property. All these deliver one objective and that is to provide the users the benefit of maximizing the features of the property.

If you’re a realtor, architect, engineer, or even contractor and are currently looking for a fence contractor in Hempstead, you’re looking at the right page. It’s all about improving the current features of the property and finding ways on how these improvements will benefit the household. The reasons are more than just for aesthetic purposes but beyond that. Having fences installed throughout the vicinity serve different purposes more than you know.

At Fence Company Hempstead, we make sure that our clients can count on us and the services we offer. With all the different projects and clients we have worked with, it is enough proof of how we stand by our principles. It’s all about how we consider as an effective and durable solution our works are. If you’re looking for a way to set boundaries on your property with quality fences, give us a call today 516-666-8599.


We at Fence Company Hempstead aim to provide the best value for your money without compromising the quality of the services. Fair pricing is important in catering to clients with different budgets for outdoor improvements.

Top-notch Quality

Quality is never compromised at Fence Company Hempstead. This is the identity we are protecting as we continue to gain the trust of our clients. Our experience speaks for itself in building a quality-based, durable, and aesthetically pleasing fence.


We all know how some renovations and other means of construction usually is. The field is filled with deadlines and plans that they have to meet and cases, where they don’t meet the deadlines and plans, are inevitable.


There’s no need to worry about how the fence would affect the vibe and accent of your outdoor space. We design your outdoor improvements according to your personal preferences of materials and design.


Do you offer free estimates?

Yes. We offer free estimates. It is important to us that we fully understand your fencing needs that are within your budget. Since our primary objective is to build a great company and client relations, we make sure that your convenience matters. There is no need for you to book an appointment and wait. We will be right at your doorstep and evaluate the property right away. It’s all about delivering the estimates free and fast. We offer free estimates to help our customers weigh in the factors on what fence to choose with the different fencing installation services we provide.

How soon can you install my fence?

When it comes to installation time-frames it actually depends on the demand during that season as well as the type of fencing system you want to be installed. Considering that we are servicing home improvements within a property, we are required to have a permit which usually takes 5 to 6 weeks to release. Installation projects that don’t require permits are scheduled to start three to five weeks after closing the deal. There might be some inconsistencies when it comes to the timeframe but as much as possible, we want to be honest with our clients with the dates we provide.

How long will my fence installation take?

On average, it takes two to three working days to complete the installation process. Our team is responsible to work from morning until the afternoon performing at their best. We usually work every other day to allow the materials to settle and cure as they go before we proceed with other additional features to the fence. The timeframe depends on the size, complexity, and design of the fencing system. As much as possible, our team is transparent with the delivery time of the fence with the assurance that all fences are built of good quality. Give us around one to two weeks to get the job done.

Will You Obtain a Fence Permit for My Project?

Fence permits are necessary for home improvements and such even when it includes outdoor feature improvement. Once we have received all the documents needed from the local building department, we are good to go and start working on your fencing system. Before construction, ensure that you have obtained the neighbors’ signed agreements, approval from the neighborhood association, and mortgage survey. All documents should be signed and notarized for the building permit to be released. This ensures the security of our Contractors in cases of non-compliance, disagreements, and application of the local government’s building codes. Proceeding with the installation without a permit is completely illegal and unethical which is not we stand by as a fencing company for over two decades.

What Types of Fencing Materials do you Install?

We offer five top fencing material types for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional properties. These include wood, chain link, steel, aluminum, simtek, and vinyl. Each of these materials is checked to be of its best quality and are expected to last for a long period of time. Our dealers are reputable and trusted in the market. All these materials that we use for installing different types of fencing systems can withstand extreme weather conditions. They do not easily rot, produce splinters, or be damaged. We ensure that the fencing materials that we deliver are according to what your property needs without compromising the costs.

Are There Legal Restrictions on My Fence?

The legal restrictions depending on the neighborhood you’re currently living at. As a fencing company, we need to study if there are zoning ordinances imposed by the local government which explains why some fencing installation requires a building permit. Restrictions often concern the material, height, and design you prefer for the fence. This is one of the reasons why consulting with the local home owner’s association is highly recommended, especially to those who live in villages and subdivisions. Legal restrictions are just used to secure that you have maximized the whole lot. In some cases, surveying the property is required to mark the line of your property.

Do I Need to Consult My Neighbors?

It’s not a requirement but it wouldn’t hurt to inform your neighbors about the installation that will happen within your property. Give it at least a week before installation to come up with a full understanding of what is supposed to happen, especially if they have outdoor gardening and pets that may cause the delay of the installation. Informing your neighbors in advance will provide a better explanation as to why it is necessary to have their forms signed and sealed as an agreement that both parties are in favor of the fence installation. Besides, these forms will be needed if the fence system installation requires a building permit from the local government.

How Deep Should My Fence Posts Be?

The deepness of the posts depends on the quality of the soil, the structural identity of the materials, and the preferred height of the fence. It varies but it is often three to five feet deep to make sure that they are intact. The fence walls are required to be at least half a feet elevated from the natural ground line that will keep them in place, especially during natural calamities and strong winds. The posts go deeper because they hold the fence wall together. These are just estimates about how deep they can go but it is dependent on the size, height, material, and design of the fence.

Should the Fence Touch the Ground?

It depends on the type of fence to be installed but in most cases, no. The fence should be elevated from the natural ground line to provide ease with maintaining the fence. When it touches the ground, there is a high probability that it will damage the material of the fence due to too much exposure to moisture. It is a case to case basis considering the fundamental purpose of the fence. Some households have a fence installed to prevent rodents from infesting the garden area or any other outdoor areas within your property. Weigh in the factors whether you prefer having it elevated or touching the ground.

Does the Weather Affect the Installation?

Weather plays an important role during the installation. What we highly suggest is to have the fencing system installed in either a sunny or cloudy day. The drier the environment the better as long as it contains the minimum to low levels of humidity. For instance, concrete for the posts takes longer to set and dry up when it is raining and when the humidity is high. It can further affect the structural identity of the fence post. We check the weather every day and securing the prediction of rain to prevent unwanted circumstances. It may cause a little delay but it is better than putting your fence investment to waste.

What Material Should I Use for My Fence?

We offer a variety of materials that can be used for a fencing system for your property. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages that is why we see to it that they are properly treated to withstand different weather conditions and retain its quality for a long period of time. We use aluminum, steel, wood, and vinyl for the posts and the fence walls. Considering we value both the structural identity and the aesthetic features, these materials can be easily customized into designs you think would suit your property best. Our fences are often premade which saves us time, money, and labor and delivers a high-quality security system for as low as one week.

How Tall Should My Fence Be?

Fences serve different purposes in which the height will be depending on. If you want a highly secured property, there’s nothing wrong with fences up to seven or eight feet tall. Sometimes, it is better to enclose the area that high to maximize the outdoor spaces and gives the household more privacy to enjoy. In some cases, clients prefer fences low or just three to four feet enough to frame the landscape of their property. For fences used temporarily, Our Company offers temporary fences that can go as low as two to three feet. These are just for marking the property and keeping animals from the plants too.

How Long Will the Fence Last?

No matter how much we say that the materials we use are durable. The lifespan of the fence still depends on how the household is treating and maintaining them. Performing preventive maintenance techniques after installation are highly suggested to prevent the looks from fading. On average, wood fences can last more than 10 years when properly treated, painted, and sealed. Meanwhile, vinyl and aluminum last a lot longer than that even with minimum maintenance delivered. This is why as a homeowner, you have to consider the weather conditions, activities of the household, and the presence of outdoor pets. Choose wisely.