Cedar Wood Fence Installation Hempstead

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To homeowners and realtors, yet another aesthetically pleasing way on how to improve the outdoor features of a property is by installing a cedar wood fence. If your number one priority is the security of your home, this type of fencing system leaves no space for the neighbors to peek through. Considering that the height of this fence is greater than the height of an average person, it can ensure that the household can maximize the outdoor space. When properly maintained and cleaned, it can last more than ten years which makes it worth every penny. In terms of structural capability, there is no doubt with the use of wood. But when exposed to extreme weather conditions and poor maintenance, it can easily rot.

As your local fence company, We work differently with the way we treat wood increasing their lifespan. Considering that this is one of our expertise, we see to it that we provide our clients with some tips about maintaining and cleaning the wood. We get how fancy a cedar wood can be. Most homeowners still prefer the traditional vibe of a wooden fence that is why we offer cedar wood fence installation services at the most economical price possible but that doesn’t mean we compromised its quality. We are just giving our clients the best value of their money.


Minneapolis cedar wood fence comes in two different types. One comes with a standard design of simple planks laid vertically of the same height and nailed to keep them together. The second type is the ornamental one wherein the design comes with carvings and different options on how the wooden planks are laid. This is perfect if your neighbor has also set up a fence next door. It is more flexible to design and to paint yet a bit tedious to install considering the complexity of the cedar wood fence design. Call us today at 516-666-8599 for any inquiries.

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